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Share your story. Share yourself.

Contribute to the collective wisdom of the world.

As human beings, the stories we tell ourselves and others about our lives are so much more than just stories. These narratives allow us to create meaning from our experiences. It’s how we develop a coherent sense of unique identity — who we are and why — and hone our sense of purpose.


Beyond personal meaning making, storytelling helps us to better understand one another. People may know us from our shared interactions and social conversations. But can they really know us until they understand the set of personal experiences, social interactions, cultural framework, environmental factors, and intrinsic nature that made us who we are?


Every single one of us has something to teach, and every single one of us can learn something of value from each and every person we encounter. Unfortunately, this kind of personal storytelling is increasingly getting lost in the modern world. No longer do children sit by fires listening to the tales and reflective insights of their elders. We’re so preoccupied with the daily business of living that we’re forgetting the most important thing we can share with the world — ourselves.


In a world that needs more wisdom, and not enough is being passed down, StoryTime Me offers a fun, easy way to teach and be taught.

StoryTime Me is perfect for:

  • Births and milestone birthdays;

  • Engagements, weddings, and anniversaries;

  • Retirements;

  • Memorials; and

  • Any other major life event.

Fundraise with StoryTime Me!

StoryTime Me is happy to work with fundraisers, schools, and nonprofit organizations by gifting a percentage of profits from StoryTime Me orders made as part of an organized fundraiser to a school or designated charity. We'll even provide promotional materials to make your fundraiser a success, and can print organizational logos and awareness ribbons on books upon request. Contact us for more information.

StoryTime Me is for anyone with a story to tell, including:

  • Parents — Share your life stories and key life lessons with your children in a most memorable way. 

  • Expecting parents — Tell your soon-to-be child how he or she came to be.

  • Grandparents — Share the historical times through which you’ve lived, and your timeless wisdom.

  • Families and households — Create a record of how different families blended into one, or collaboratively create a fictional story and see it come to life. 

  • Engaged and married couples — Share the story of your road to the altar, propose with a storybook, or surprise your partner for an anniversary with your shared story.

  • Individuals with medical conditions affecting memory — Get your life story in writing before it’s lost.

  • Patients — Chronicle your battle with your illness, because whether you win or lose, the battle is important.

  • Pet parents — Record how your fur babies came into your life, the adventures you shared, and the lessons they taught you, because they never live quite long enough.

  • Business owners — Share what you've learned with a fun book that doubles as a marketing tool. 

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"Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers."

— Alfred Lord Tennyson

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