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Image of artist sketching.



Are you a writer or illustrator looking for freelance work? If so, download, complete, and return this application to, along with three samples of your work. We want to help you make a living doing what you love, and are committed to paying fairly for timely, high-quality work. Limited prior experience? We understand that it’s tough to make a living from your art, and we’re more interested in what you can do than what you’ve been paid to do in the past.


If we like what we see, we’ll reach out to ask you to complete a test, which will involve writing or illustrating part of StoryTime Me’s story, depending on the type of work for which you’re applying. If you can adequately tell or illustrate our story, we’ll trust you to be good stewards of our clients’ stories as well.


We do not employ writers and illustrators; rather, you will work as an on-call, independent contractor. As work comes in, it is assigned to individuals in our roster of contract writers and illustrators. You tell us if you can accept a particular project based on our delivery timeline and individual project specs. A project manager will liaise with you and clients whose stories you’re illustrating to ensure a positive co-creation experience.


Compensation is on a per-project basis. It is always established at the outset of a project, based on expected book length and completion timeline. A big portion of the costs paid to us by our clients goes to paying writers and illustrators, because we all play equally important parts in bringing individuals’ stories to life.


StoryTime Me represents the belief that it’s possible to use our artistic skills and talents to make the world a more beautiful, kinder place. Together, we can make it happen. So, come play with us in peace, love, unity, and respect!

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